• Das Werkstück im Raum

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Das Scherenregal und Spots

Living objects ...

hier geht es:

Give up or carry on?

Our line of products springs from a simple but perhaps even stronger endeavor: the moment to leave all of this behind has not yet come. We have witnessed the change and development of this industry and look back on half a century of experience. The truth is: we have come to appreciate the real value of handicraft and we dislike the idea of a world of perfect industry in which there is no longer any room for charm or unique items. The moment has now come when we can face the task of developing products that correspond to the essence of manufacturing work and meet the needs of a new world:


so kommt man zwanzigeinundzwanzig an ein Muster:

Touch it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Again and again.

It belongs to you. And you will love it.


Our copper-zinc-58 alloy has properties that make it the perfect material in our product range. One object and a thousand facets. Every time you touch the fitting, the shelf or the lamp, you develop your interior further, piece by piece.

Times like these show us how important it is not only to pay attention to design and production, but also to focus on the functionality and sustainability of the products. Brass is antimicrobial and is ideal for use in public spaces or for intensive use, as the surface constantly reacts to contact and, apart from your personal signature, no residue remains. And when the moment finally comes and you pass it on to the next generation, it will be more beautiful than the moment you bought it.



Because our brass is alive